5 Best Homeschool Supplies You Need for Your Home Classroom



Getting your homeschool classroom setup is an important step to start the school year off the right way. You have to make sure everything your children need for class is available and ready to use. But the most important is that the 'classroom' should be as comfortable as possible to study. Look for a table or large desk where work can be spread out and choose a chair that you don’t mind sitting in for a long period of time. And when everything is set, you are now ready to start homeschooling your kids.

The Benefits Of Homeschooling To Your Kids!

  • One-on-one time. It provides more time for connection and allows them to ask more questions and to be focused. It also gives a high-possibility your kids can learn more and progress faster with having the one on one support. 
  • Parents can assess their kids’ learning styles, interests, strengths, and opportunities. This kind of setup allows parents to help their kids strengthen their weaknesses and focus on the specific areas of interest! 
  • Work independently.  A great skill which can benefit their careers later in life. 
  • Provides a unique educational experience. Having the freedom to focus on the strengths of a child with more opportunities to travel and learn in new and different locations can provide a different type of learning. 
  • Safer environment. They are not exposed to bullying, negative peer pressure, and bad influences from the outside.
  • Strengthens the closeness of your family. Spending time with your family in a learning environment can increase your connection with siblings and parents. ​​

Which tools do you need for your child homeschooling?

We have identified five tools that you need to make homeschool life a little easier! ​

1. Best Choice School Pro Classroom X-ACTO Electric Pencil

Dreaming to have the pencil sharpener that is not time-consuming for you? This electric pencil sharpener is coming to your home!  It is engineered and designed specifically for classroom use.

​A pencil sharpener that is easy-to-use and it sharpens each pencil perfectly, New pencils only take a few seconds! 
The blades retract and stop sharpening once the pencil is sharp, so you're not wasting pencils or having to remove it to see if it's done. It has effortlessly sharpened lots of pencils with Auto-Reset feature to prevent overheating and possible damage.​

With more than 10,000 customer ratings, this designed pencil sharpener is no wonder one of the Amazon choices as of the moment. Satisfied customers for the product’s affordability and loving the high-quality design of the product. A must-to-have pencil sharpener in your home especially to the kids who are in homeschooling, to the kids who love to draw and write using a pencil, and for every family!

A highly-recommended product to you!
  • ​Works well with a variety of pencils
  • Super fast to sharpen pencils​
  • A little bit loud​​​




2. Educational Preschool Poster for Toddler and Kid

Start your kids’ learning with these educational posters! This is also one of Amazon's choices today with regard to educational resources for toddlers and kids. Very delightful and colorful posters that grip your kids' attention.
Educational Preschool Poster is perfect and great for homeschooling, pre-K, preschool, nursery home, and kindergarten, make learning full of fun and engaging for individuals' potential, suitable for any mom, or teacher to put up in their children's room or classrooms.
These educational posters include alphabet, numbers 1-10, colors, shapes, seasons, days of the week, months of the year, farm animals, and weathers - which is perfect learning for beginners.
Each poster has good content and design, and kids can learn from these by looking at them daily.A must-to-have educational poster for every parent - to start the basic learning for their toddlers and kids!
  • Engaging and resourceful
  • Affordable product
  • Good for toddlers and kids
  • Wish the back had a stronger adhesive



3. A 15-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer Cart

Are you one of those parents who are tired of all the mess in your house including paperwork, home school supplies, art supplies, artwork stuff, and other things that should be in place? Then, this Seville Classics 15-Drawer Multi-Purpose is the solution to your problem!

This Multi-purpose drawer is pure for organization and space saver. This is easy and quick to install where it only takes up to 10 -15 minutes and then it's set to use! If you are a mom, who loves an organized classroom, this will fit for you - as you can use this as your home base for all the school supplies. Also, you can create labels for your drawer to make it easier to find what you need.

What I also love here is the design of the drawer - it's super sturdy. Many customers agree that this is an amazing product! 

You will be very excited to have this organizer at home and help keep all of your
homeschool supplies organized!

  • Easy to assemble and sturdy
  • Keep your things organized and in one place
  • Attractive design
  • ​​Not great for heavy items



4. Scotch Brand - 9 in Pro Thermal Laminator

If you ask other homeschool parents, guarantee they will tell you to invest in a great laminator! The upgraded Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator will check all the boxes for your laminating needs!

This 9-inch machine is super easy-to-use with the steps provided, heats up quickly with a “ready” signal light, and you will experience a never jam technology that automatically prevents misfed items. 

This machine provides high-quality lamination - so you can feel confidently laminate recipe cards, photos, important or frequently handled documents, arts & crafts, and more. If you are a teacher, this will also be a great fit for you. You can constantly laminate items to prevent over use of papers and keep them sturdy for multiple classroom days. Some dry erase markers will also work with laminating sheets, so it's a great tool for math problems, spelling and other activities! Then just wipe the marker away! 

It is a laminator that is popular on Amazon - one of the best choices because it's not only affordable, but it has a high-quality rating as well. This is a great investment for you on your homeschool journey!
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable product
  • Professional-looking lamination
  • Looks attractive
  • Won’t handle jumbo size over 9 in


Thermal Laminator

5. Awesome Science Experiments for Kids: 100+ Fun STEM / STEAM Projects

This is for your kids who love Science, Tech, Art, Engineering, and Math experiments and who want to explore and discover!

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids is Amazon’s best choice for educational resources! It's good with its colorful design, provides easy-to-follow instructions, and science explanation, even young children can understand. Plus, most supplies needed are things you'd have around the house.

These activities are a perfect bonding for a family who are stuck in their home because of COVID or trying to tackle the homeschool experience! Also, It is a great way to get the kids off computers and learn this kind of educational stuff instead.​ It's a great way to incorporate Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math and hands-on fun!
We highly recommend this as it is a great book for new scientists!
  • Engaging experiments for kids and adults
  • Affordable and resourceful
  • Would be better with more pictures