Our Story

Hi! Thanks for being here. This is Our Story...

Who Are We

We are a lifestyle brand and product company working for all types of parents and their families. We value family diversity and know that families come in many different shapes and sizes. We understand that everyone has different values, experiences, and needs,  and we hope to honor that in our products and content.  


Our Mission

We aim to provide dependable products to help parents with everyday challenges, taking a little pressure away, and helping parents keep their sanity!
We know first-hand that parenting can be a tough job, but we love and adore our children! XOXO Parents drives to help remove obstacles for parents so that parents can spend more of their energy on connecting with their kiddos We believe this can make a positive and healthy difference for our children’s future and make a positive difference in the world we live in! 


Our Values

1. Make it easy to do business with us!

  • Customers should feel that it is easy to do business with XOXO Parents. This includes:
  • Our products should make a positive impact on their daily lives
  • It should be easy for our customers to communicate with us when they need something
  • We will make it easy to return products that don't fit our customer's expectations

​2. Create innovative products for parents that make a difference in their lives

  • Products should be unique and exciting to our customers
  • Products should be useful and of value
  • Products should be of high quality and exceed customer expectations


3. Always be learning and growing 

  • We make learning a priority to improve our industry knowledge
  • We strive to always be learning about our customers needs as they change over time
  • We work to understand our customers pain points are and help address them with our products


4. Practice kindness in everything that we do 

  • We practice kindness to our customers
  • We practice kindness to our teammates
  • We practice kindness to our planet