Baby, Baby, Baby! Three Ways to Prepare Your First born for Baby Number Two


When a new sibling arrives, jealousy is a natural phenomenon that many firstborns go through as they navigate their changing role.
Thankfully, there are many strategies that you can do that will help make their adjustment a little bit easier. Here three ways that you can prepare your firstborn:


1. Talk to them:

While telling your child that a new baby is on the way is the first step, it also is important to keep the communication going throughout the pregnancy and after labor. The more they know what to expect, the more secure they will feel.


2. Involve them in preparing for the new baby:

Using statements like “our baby,” is one way to help your child feel more involved with the new baby’s arrival.

Also asking for their help and advice when you are doing routine tasks like picking up items for the baby helps them feel empowered.


3. Read to them:

Reading has several benefits: it gives uninterrupted bonding time, it builds emergent and early literacy skills, and it gives a backdrop for many teachable moments.

There is a wide assortment of children’s picture books that beautifully share the experiences of adjusting to a new sibling.


But as a new parent, nothing can snap you back into reality as your OBGYN advising you to make sure you “don’t leave your toddler alone with your newborn baby.”

We have all heard about the natural sibling rivalry that can occur when you bring home baby number two. Some of us may even laugh fondly at our own sibling woes and our foiled attempts of returning our sibling back to its sender.

Preparing for a new baby can be an exciting moment for you and you’re firstborn. While there may be tears and tantrums, do not fret. Continue to be gentle, loving and patient as they work through their feelings with you.

Recommended Titles

1. The Biggest Little Brother by Aminata

​Jalloh (Age: 4+): A spin on the classic sibling tale through the lens of an immigrant family in the United States.

This is a story about a young boy who is used to being the big brother! But when his older sibling moves to the United States, he must adjust to his new role as the middle child.

Available here!

2. I Am a Big Sister by Caroline Jayne Church (Age: 1+):

A beautiful tale that puts a positive spin on the changing role of the big sibling! Look at all the thing a big sister can do! Plus, this book comes with a doll that your daughter will love!

Available here!

3. Peter’s Chairamzn by Ezra Jack Keats (Age 3+):

A classic and award-winning tale that explores the feeling of Peter as his family prepares for the arrival of his little sister.

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