Top 3 Amazing Under the Sink Organizers for Kitchen or Bathrooms

Top 3 Amazing Under the Sink Organizers for Kitchen or Bathrooms

When it comes to the mess under the kitchen sink, organization shelves are the best solution. Imagine having a tiny space with all the cleaning supplies piled on top of each other. Stuffed on top are empty grocery store bags, plus a giant pipe in the middle of everything!

This is absolutely a headache for you and every day you have to look at it! It is time to re-think and end this mess for good.

Don't worry! We have three brilliant solutions to help you get organized, and stop the sink chaos for good! 

Before buying an under-sink organizer, you need to consider these things first.

  1. Size of the cabinets. Look for an organizer that fits your area. Don’t buy an organizer that’s too big for you. Consider below:
  • If you have a wide vertical space, a multi-tier organizer may be the best way to utilize it.
  • If you have a deep cabinet type of sink, consider having an organizer that is a sliding storage drawer. Where you can easily slide it and take it out!
  • If your cabinet space is smaller, look for a sink organizer that can be hung on the cabinet door.
  1. Pipes. Make sure to take into consideration the size and layout of your sink pipes prior to the purchase of your under-sink organizer. There is nothing worse than getting excited about your new purchase, only to find out it doesn't fit! Ugh! 
  1. Make Items Easy to Grab. Consider having an organizer where you can easily take out your items easily and get it to put neatly back when you're finished. 
Now that you have an idea on what to consider before purchase, we have done some research to find three great solutions for your kitchen! All three recommendations are different types to help you evaluate which would work best for your sink set up! 

1. Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer

First on our list is one of the Amazon choices for under the sink storage. It has 2-Tier Sliding Storage Basket Design that provides an easy way to access with a smooth slide out which helps to resolve clutter and accessibility issues to increase the organizing capabilities.

Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer comes with its screws and rubber grips for the bottoms, and you will not need any power tools. This is easy to assemble as they provide an Assembly Manual for the customers to help avoid confusion and save their customers time! This is made from a sturdy durable metal square tubing with chrome coating. Each of the drawers comes with a hard plastic cover and is adjustable. It is likely that your sink might be able to fit a second drawer set, depending on the size. This could give you even more organization if you have the space! 

This is a must-to-have under the sink storage in your home with a very reasonable price to purchase!


  • Sturdy metal type
  • ​Have an Assembly Manual
  • Comes with its power tools
  • ​Sliding sink storage


Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer

2. SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer

We love this sink organizer because this design could help to avoid the pipe in the middle of your sink!  With this design, you can easily organize around the pipes giving you more storage! This under sink organizer has an expandable rail length from 15'' to 25''. 

​It is also an adjustable tier height allowing you to configure two tiers at different levels: 2in, 5.5in, 9in, 13in inches from the bottom. Where you can easily adjust for the right measurement of your area.

​I love how they come up with a simple yet good design. One more thing is that this is super easy to build. It will only take minutes from opening it up to be fully installed. By looking at it, you will know for sure that this under sink organizer is sturdy enough and it will hold for anything you put on your new shelves.


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Good product quality
  • Adjustable under sink organizer
  • Great storage under sink organizer


Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack

3. Expandable Under the Sink Organizer Kitchen Under Sink Shelf

Another one of Amazon Choice for under the sink organization is the Expandable Under Sink Organizer and Storage which is great for both kitchen and bathroom areas. 

The adjustable organizer fits neatly under any sink and features a laid out design for you to easily grab items placed on it.  You can quickly adjust the height, width, and depth to fit the right shaped area under your kitchen sink.

This product is made of plastic and is easy to assemble and quick to install under your kitchen and bathroom sink.

​Another must-to-have under sink organizer for those parents complaining about organizing their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Messy kitchen and bathroom no more!


  • Super affordable
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Organize your items perfectly
  • Adjustable under sink organizer


Expandable Under Sink Organizer and Storage​​​