Customer Reviews

“Absolutely love it.”

Item was received promptly. The enclosed magnets cover many major holidays and events, and include magnets for all the months and days so you don't have to fill them out on a dry-erase calendar board each month. The magnets are also small enough that you can still write notes on the date spaces if you need to. Good product. Thanks!”

Retiree finds this product superb with a capital SUPER!

I've had a whiteboard calendar on my freezer door for years, but it largely goes without being updated. Having to write in all the dates by hand every month only to have to scrub them clean and start over for the next month became tedious and, as an arthritis sufferer, literally painful.

I had a light-bulb moment that if the dates were on magnets, I could quickly update them every month by shuffling the magnets to their appropriate date. A quick search and voila! Found this product and ordered it.

Could not be happier or have what I had envisioned more perfectly realized if I had designed this product myself. It's exactly what I wanted. I may not be the company's target demographic, but as a disabled retiree, this has just added quality of life to what was an otherwise odious task every month.

Absolutely delighted, and will recommend this to others!

—Timothy Ashley

Compliments my kid's whiteboard that's used for remote learning and chores chart.

These have been a great companion and compliment to the white board that my kids use for Remote Learning. Likewise, they have been a nice addition to their Chores board that we use to make it more user-friendly and engaging for the kids to use to participate with how their board is setup and utilized. I would highly recommend this to any parent trying to motivate and engage their kids with remote learning and chores.!”


High-quality magnets to keep you organized!

Love these! They work perfectly for the magnetic dry erase calendar I use for my son’s school activities. I do wish there were more variety of magnets such as first and last day of school, etc. vs several sports and music ones but that’s okay. Also, the word
Important is spelled incorrectly on my one magnet. But other than that, these are nice quality and serve their purpose. I would recommend it!.”


“Perfect for a busy Mom like me”

The calendar magnet set was perfect and XOXO Parents was great to do business with. I work at a school and we have a 3-month calendar. I asked if they sold the numbers individually. They said, unfortunately, they didn’t, they did however give me a great discount to get another set. I still need one more set of numbers and I will definitely be buying from them again. Thank you so much..”


“Really loving this!  Great motivation system tool!.”

This was a great buy. I was hesitant about the chalk not erasing but I took a leap, and it’s fine, I just use a little bit of water on the eraser if the chalk dries. Which doesn’t harm anything bc it’s chalk on the magnet and not a ton of water. It’s a great motivation system, I use it with my sister where they have to earn checkmarks to get a prize and each prize has a certain price of checkmarks. I no longer have to talk a lot, just put the task on the board and they will keep doing it to get check marks and then collect their prize.

The colors were vibrant and super easy to read. I like that they have magnets so we don’t lose them.
I rarely use the provided round magnets, except to set the date on the calendar sometimes. The packaging was awesome..”